The Ebook

Click the link below to purchase Master Kim’s Taichi ebook ($ 10 USD). Once payment is completed you will be given a download link.

The private course

The private course, which is set up with detailed guidance and flexibility to choose from , is oriented to students with zero foundation or different levels of Taijiquan. One-on-one course is more efficient and convenient for students to master Taijiquan theory and intrigue their interest.

Training contents: Chen’s Taijiquan, taiji qigong, taiji standing meditation, pushing hands, attack and defense skills, martial arts basic skills and routines, Yang style 24, correction of Yang style traditional Taijiquan.

  1. 200RMB per hour at school and 300 RMB per hour / out of Yangshuo
  2. Overseas training: 500 RMB per hour, plus entry and exit fees (Note: Overseas)
  3. Tourism and online courses

*1*Haikou City, Hainan Province is a holiday resort for Chinese winter tourism Taijiquan training. It enjoys high service and warm climate.3 days training including Chen’s Taichi, Taichi standing meditation, correction,2 nights accommodation,3 meals per day. 3,600 RMB  Including training in Tai Chi, meditation and meals, accommodation(Sea view room four star Hotel Haikou Hainan Province China).

*2*Yangshuo taichi schoo:l 4 days of training including Chen’s Taichi, Taichi standing meditation, correction of Yang style traditional Taichi (Total of 16 hours).3 nights accommodation,3 meals per day. 2,400 RMB Including 4 days Taichi, Qigong training,3 days accommodation and 4 days meals.

*3*Yangshuo taichi school:5 days training including Chen’s Taichi, standing meditation, correction of Yang style traditional Taichi.4 nights.2,800 RMB Including 5 days Taichi,Qigong training,Meditation 4 days accommodation and 5 days meals,3 meals per day.

*4*Yangshuo taichi schoo:l Online course to learn Taichi 18 form and Tai Chi meditation.20 hours of training for 800 RMB.Teaching in English by dedicated, high-level Tai Chi and Qi Gong Masters(Kim’s Taijiquan Qigong book).

*5*Yangshuo taichi school:Online class Qi Gong and meditation 10 hours of small group training.Teaching in English by dedicated, high-level Tai Chi and Qi Gong Masters(Kim’s Taijiquan Qigong book) 360 RMB The total cost of 10 online courses of Taiji Qigong and meditation. 

*6*Yangshuo taichi schoo:l Online course to learn Yang Stlye aichi 24 form and Tai Chi meditation.20 hours of training for 800 RMB.Teaching in English by dedicated, high-level Tai Chi and Qi Gong Masters.

Cooperative training

  1. Cooperative training and publicity: from the start to the training, we will cooperate to promote in the local market in an all-round way and we will provide professional systematic teaching for individuals, teams, schools and organizations on their requirements of time.
  2. Perfect domestic and foreign cooperation Taijiquan teaching service system: your need is my infinite power, your choice is my great pleasure, your satisfaction is my eternal goal.
  3. I have a strong marketing network promotion center, providing excellent training services. In the whole process, we provide Taijiquan technical guidance, market training, channel operation and promote resource utilization and sharing to achieve publicity, enrollment, teaching, management and Taijiquan brand promotion.
  4. On the basis of win-win cooperation, our purpose is to develop Taiji Culture and improve human health care !

Welcome to join and consult.

Tai Chi form

Theoretically, Tai Chi is based on the transforming principle of Yin and Yang, and the promoting and inhibiting relationship of the five elements. During Tai Chi practice, Qi is guided by the mind to shape the movement.

There are different energy applications which can be employed:Peng, Lu, Ji, An, Cai, Lie, Zhou, Kao. Examples of how one might use these skills include rolling, smoothing, squeezing, pressing, plucking, rolling, elbow, leaning, rotation, sticking and connecting, and transforming from the inside to the outside.

Chen-style Tai Chi Form 1-5
Chen-style Tai Chi Form 6-10
Chen-style Tai Chi Form 11-14
Chen-style Tai Chi Form 15-18

Tai Chi Qigong

Tai Chi Qigong – 5 Forms

Tai Chi and qigong work with the principles of nature. Relaxation is the most important element of practice, at every stage.

Tai Chi is a combination of philosophies, which includes the wisdom of meridian theory of Chinese medicine, Confucianism,

Buddhism and the essence of the Taoism. It is a martial art created on the basis of Yin and Yang.

Tai Chi Meditation

Meditation through proper practice, posture and relaxation, the circulation of the blood and Qi can reach its optimal state. Qi subsequently leads the movements of the body. When the mind is set in motion, Qi starts to move. Your strength comes from the simultaneous movement of mind and Qi. As the concentration of your mind improves, your Qi’s ability to move and work in the body will also be improved. This movement of internal energy, or Qi, results in true strength and dexterity. Concentrating too much on the exertion of Qi can make it stagnant. Only the soft focus of the mind allows for consistency and fluency. Therefore, the key lies in the intention or mind.