Chen’s Taijiquan Dantian Internal Skill

Chen’s Taijiquan Dantian Internal Skill

Taijiquan Dantian internal rotation qigong practice, put two palms on Qihai acupoint, male left palm inside right palm outside (female right palm inside left palm outside). Men rotate 36 times clockwise and 24 times anticlockwise, while women do the opposite. From small to large, from big to small, it turns into a breath (Yang) and a breath (Yin) into yin and Yang. Combined with 12 zodiac signs, it is a small circle, so each person is born with the same zodiac sign at 12 years old, which can also be called a small cycle. 36 cycles are positive in 3 cycles and 24 cycles are negative in 2 cycles. The total number of turns is 60, 60 years old (circle) is calculated as a lifetime according to our life cycle, 60 years old is the first circle of life, and after 61 years old is the second circle. Combined with the five elements of geomancy, namely, gold, wood, water, fire and earth, it is dissolved into the five internal organs of the human body: lung is gold, liver is wood, kidney is water, heart is fire, spleen is earth, lung, liver and heart in the five elements are Yang, kidney and spleen are yin.

The sum of 12 zodiac signs and 5 elements is 60, so the rule of practicing Qi is from Wuji – Taiji – yin and Yang – four symbols – eight trigrams – five elements, from the beginning to the last dot, there is no beginning and no end. So I hope to practice and experience slowly, gather the Qi to Dantian, and it will move the whole body when Dantian is full. In combination with the inner and outer movements of Dantian, the inner and outer movements of Yiqi form a natural spherical body that rotates up, down, left and right – this is called the inner rotation of Dantian Qigong method.

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Best Master Wu (Kim), you will always let me remember “Dantian”. Thank you so much for a wonderful time spent at your school and for all your patience during training. I had a wonderful experience and will come back!

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